Ask Amy, 2 September 2014:

DEAR AMY: I’m very accepting of same-sex marriage, and my wife’s sister is married to another woman. But this woman is very masculine in appearance, and intentionally so—as she seems not at all bothered when waiters at restaurants address her as “sir.” She has…


So, fun times. I started programming a cellular life simulator! Right now it’s made up of three species. There’s Algae(green), which just kinda float around. Herbivores(blue) eat the Algae. They target specific Algae and pursue them, while avoiding Carnivores(red), who target an pursue the Herbivores.. I’m working on Parasites(yellow) which feed on Carnivores, but as of now they reproduce too fast, and explode into a ton of Parasites when the infected Carnivore dies. I think I’ll need to create another species that eats excess Parasites, like a filter feeder or something.

The first image is from my first attempt. I was just trying to figure it out, and it’s really buggy. They other two are from a new attempt, where I just restarted from scratch. Still buggy. I have to put population limits, otherwise it all just flies out of whack. But hopefully I’ll be able to set it up, so everything can exist in balance.